Instead of just renovating, how about innovating?

An average new homeowner can easily spend anywhere from $15,000 - 50,000 on bathrooms, kitchen, and other improvements in their newly purchased home. With no pay back, except a higher level of convenience and attractiveness! What if you could spend just a small percentage more and actually get a pay back plus an increase in comfort, health, and safety?

Why not consider adding low cost air sealing, insulation, and other energy saving improvements to your project for immediate savings on your heating and cooling bills? Since your contractor will already be on the job creating your dream home, adding a few low cost energy saving measures should be easy and cost effective.

Having a thorough Home Performance Assessment done before you start your project can inform you of many critical issues that are not readily apparent, such as missing insulation, gaps in the framing that allow unwanted airflow, and and airflows that may be supplying questionable air quality to living areas. In addition, an inspection can identify locations suspected of moisture penetration, detect thermal patterns that may be detrimental to the efficient heating and cooling of the house, and even pinpoint causes for ice dams.

The inspection would be followed with the presentation of a recommended list for repairs or retrofits, identifying the most economical approach for best results. A "test-out" at the end can actually measure the achieved reduction of unwanted air flow. And it's this reduction that will save you considerable money on your energy bills going forward, in additon to all of the other air quality, health, and comfort benefits!

What is Home Performance?

When you buy a car, you expect good gas mileage with low upkeep, safe handling, and comfort inside. In other words, respectable performance. Why would you have any other expectations for a house?  The ability of your home to deliver comfort, health, and affordability is what a Home Performance Assessment is all about.  Is the home functioning at its optimum?  Or are there deficiencies and inefficiencies?  An assessment can often determine which cost effective items can improve the performance of your home most!

Check out the Home Performance Assessment page and its Learn page for the issues and how your home can be improved!

Are you new to Home Ownership?

Make sure you look at the suggestions on my Renovations page;  more useful information on my Real Estate Pages; and an excellent read on the Building Science Corporation's website: The Building Science Guide to Home Ownership! See my LINKS page for more.

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Are you a builder or developer looking to meet new local energy codes or Energy Star?

As an independent third party,  I can provide initial and test-out Blower Door and CAZ testing along with Infrared imagery to help make your project a success. 

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