Qualified to inspect and test a home for the purposes of evaluating each of the minimum rated features established by RESNET. After a thorough inspection and testing of the home, the data is entered into software to identify the level of energy efficiency of the home, which is expressed as a value on the HERS Index. The goal is to provide a measurement that identifies the energy efficiency of a home, with a view to meeting ENERGY STAR performance guidelines. For new homes, this means an initial determination can be made from the plans, and final testing measures whether intended goals were achieved, or points to areas of weakness. For retrofits, the initial testing sets the existing energy use benchmark, and a test-out after improvements have been made reveals the results. The HERS index is the reference for the testing, and allows a home to be compared to similar homes. The lower the index number, the more energy efficient the home is, potentially all the way to net zero!