Ridiculously high air conditioning bills in the summer?

Bad drafts in winter?

How comfortable is your home?

Maybe it’s time for some building forensics!

Homes burn through a mortifying 21% of the energy in the United States. A Home Performance Assessment will help you identify problem areas of your home for energy-saving air sealing and insulation retrofits. Choosing to do such retrofits will not only make you more comfortable, but will also save you money every month on your utility bills—all while making your home safer, healthier, and easier on the planet, too!

As an independent Home Performance professional serving the greater New York area, I can provide:

Those old windows might not be the worst culprit in your house. Missing insulation, insulation failure, hidden airflows, undetected water infiltration, broken or defective duct work, or poor weather sealing at doorways might all be contributors to drafty rooms, musty smells, and high heating bills.  Many of these same issues can also affect the durability of your home over time.

My services are geared toward identifying the most cost effective improvements that will enhance the optimal functioning of your home.  Of course energy efficiency is a key component for achieving this result. The recommended measures will aim to make your home safer and healthier, and help out the environment to boot, all while saving you money. That's my goal: maximize the comfort, safety, and durability of homes while minimizing their operating costs and environmental impact.

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